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Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes Classes & Conversations
Fall 2019 & Winter 2020

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Tea Blending-$25.00-


1.5 Hours

This class is fun and hands-on in the art of blending tea. We will examine the countries of origin, health benefits and flavor profiles of the base teas we use in our blends. You will learn why we choose certain herbs, spices, flowers, fruit, and flavorings and the health benefits of these ingredients. Create your own 2 oz bag of custom-blended tea using a variety of ingredient combinations that complement each other. We will keep a copy of your recipe so the next time you visit us, we can re-create your blend. You will leave the class with a solid understanding of the ingredients and the background of the teas in your own unique blend!


Basics of Tea-$20.00


1 Hour

Ever wonder about the differences between white, green, oolong and black teas or loose tea vs. tea bags? Come learn about the different types of tea and production processes. Let us demystify all your questions while you enjoy a few tea samples from around the world and take home a sample of ANY tea of your choice!

Cooking with Tea-$25.00


1.5 Hours

Throughout this class, you will learn about foods cooked with the newest secret ingredient- tea! We will teach you how tea can enhance your food and you will benefit from the essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants found in tea. The teas used in the food will also be sampled. Easy to follow step-by-step recipes will be provided to all participants so they can re-create the recipe at home and you get to take a sample home of any tea you wish.


Real Iced-TEA-$20.00


1 Hour

In this interactive lecture, attendees will first learn about how iced tea was discovered and its history in the US. We will talk about the different brewing methods for loose tea, and the healthiest ways to drink your tea iced. Ready to drink (RTD) teas, sun tea, and the importance of the type of water used to brew your tea will be part of our discussions. During the lecture, indulge yourself in our freshly brewed tea. Take home a sample of ANY Ice tea blend!


Health Benefits of Tea-$20.00

October 18 6 pm


1 Hour

During this lecture, attendees will first learn about the health benefits of adding whole- leaf tea to their daily diet. We will answer commonly asked questions regarding tea and antioxidants and caffeine. Throughout the conversation, attendees will sample a variety of specialty whole leaf teas and take a sample of ANY tea you wish.


Pairing Tea with Cheese-$30.00

November 2nd at 2 pm 


1.5 hours

If you enjoy tea with rich clotted cream on scones, why not enjoy tea with cheese? For this class, a variety of specialty teas and cheeses has been carefully chosen for sampling and discussion. We will study the different pairings by strengths, aroma, and texture of both the teas and the cheeses and learn how they complement each other.


Black Tea Tasting-$25.00

November 8th 6 pm


1.5 Hours

In this class, we will conduct a tea-tasting for you. While sipping teas, we will discuss their origin and how they are manufactured. All participants will leave with a solid knowledge of the harvesting and production of black teas from a variety of countries, and their proper brewing and storage methods. You will also get a sample oƒ any black you wish!


Making Tea Sandwiches-$25.00

November 22 at 6 pm

1 Hour

Making tea sandwiches is no longer just for tea. Learn how to make tea sandwiches for cocktail parties and even for lunch. You will learn how to make a few sandwiches and take recipes home with you. We will be having a black tea and sampling one kind of tea sandwich and learning a secret old tyme scone recipe from Highclere Castle.


Pairing Tea with Chocolate-$30.00

December 1 at 3 pm


1 Hour

Enhance your life with our chocolate and tea pairing party! In this interactive class, you will sample a variety of chocolate with teas. Next, you will learn a brief background on the production of the cocoa and tea and the similarities between the two of them. We will finish with sampling several different teas paired with chocolate ranging from 35% - 70% cocoa!

*Class sizes are limited and a 24-hour notice is required to reschedule your class.

We can do individual classes as well as groups.


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