Anime Anthology


Our organic signature collections set us apart. Fantasy and anime drive the creativity behind these truly unique blends that are only available at Western Dragon Teas & Tisanes. If you're far away and fall in love, don't worry: you can still order online.

Dragon of Zelda

Dragon Ball G

DragonMetal Alchemist

Dragon Sailor Moon

Potter Wizard Blend

Dragon’s Blood

Red Dragon Crystal

Dragon Final Fantasy

Matcha Ninja


Time Travel Teas

Paris 1920


 Bletchley Park 1945  

Berlin 1800

Havana 1950

Liverpool 1960 

NYC 1970

Royal House

Windsor Elegant Tea
The Tsar's Tea
Queen Victorious

Queen of Scots

Teas for the Soul

Our bounce-back-to-life teas will put a glow in your heart and soul, especially our Golden Elixir and our LGB-Tea and Spiritlifter.


We have an Immune Bender tea perfect for fighting a cold and our Pain Killer Tea is no Oxycontin, but it helps with pain in a natural and therapeutic way.


Our Night in Portofino tea will transport you

to the coast of Italy.


For further information please email me so we can discuss which Tea for the Soul will most benefit you. 

(919) 812-4715




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